CapitalSV is known as a reliable business partner, which carefully fulfills all commitments

CapitalSV expertise covers both thermal and coking coal











CapitalSV is known as a reliable business partner, which carefully fulfills all commitments. This is successfully confirmed by long-term agreements inside and outside Russia.


CapitalSV holds the essential significant partnerships trans-shipment facilities in the ports of the Black, Azov and Baltic Seas, as well as stock areas in the region of ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), which allows us to perform logistics to our customers most effectively.


The main priorities of company are advanced manufacturing sciences, large-scale capital investments, modern approach to human resource management and active social policy. This priorities leads to the growth of the efficiency of marketing and results in company strengthening on the world coal-trading market.


Companies of coke and chemical industry and other industries from more than 12 countries of the world, including Spain, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands and others, are among its consumers.




Coal deliveries via sea:


Nowardays 90% of coal deliveries are via sea, mainly on CIF/DAP terms. Every day a vessel chartered for transpotation of coal arrives in one of the ports. Such an approach to gives us a possibility to use stockyards at the port and supervise the term of  delivery to a buyer with more efficiency.


Owing to long-term partnership with the largest and most modern ports of the Black and Baltic seas of Japan, we are able to consider to deliver coal almost to any consumer in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Besides, with the aim of opening up of new markets and increasing of coal volumes our company is establishing cooperation with other ports which are opportune to deliveries’ realization.


With the help of the leading international surveyors we have a careful and constant control over the quality of our coal.


The quality control and supervision begins at the mine, goes on during transshipment at the port and prior to loading aboard a vessel, and finishes at the port of discharge or at the stockyard of the customer. If even a slight deviation in quality from contract norms occurs our company is seeking the reason of such deviations and immediately eliminates it.




The coal transshipment is effected via ports:


Baltic region


The coal transshipment is effected via ports: Riga (Latvia), Ventspils (Latvia) and Vysotsk (Russia). The main characteristics of these ports you may find on the internet. From these ports the coal is delivered to such countries as Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Spain and others.


The Black Sea


The coal transshipment is effected via ports of the Black and Azov seas.

Almost 100% of the sized coal and 15% of steam coal is delivered by via these ports to Turkey, Italy, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and others.

Nowadays the coal transshipment is effected via the ports of Ukraine and Russia. The main characteristics of these ports you may find on the internet.


Far East region


Entering the market of Asia-Pacific region was a logical consequence of increased demand. Transshipment of coal is carried out via the following terminals: mainly VUT (Russia), Mys Astafieva (Russia), VSK (Russia) and Evraz-Nakhodka (Russia). Due to the high quality of coal our main customers are energy, cement and chemical companies in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.




Deliveries via railway:


Deliveries of coal are impossible without usage of railway due to the distant location of the Kuzbass mines from ports ant border crossings. Our company tracks the cargo locataion by using automatized systems of supervision of OAO RZhD.


For the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of coal deliveries via railway CapitalSV co-operates not only with state companies from Eastern Europe but also with private companies which own rolling stocks. Nowadays most of the railway transportations to the clients of are performed by transport company Novotrans.


Via railway are delivered the steam and coking coal to Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and China. Successful cooperation with the leading transportation companies in deliveries to the Eastern Europe and Asia allows us to optimize routes of cargo movement.




We propose to consider coals of different ranks:


Partners enterprises produce a wide range of coal products – coking coal concentrate, anthracite, PCI, thermal coal, as well as iron ore and a wide assortment of coking products. Our capabilities and client-oriented approach allow us to satisfy the most demanding requirements of our clients in supplying coal of specific characteristics.


We propose to consider coals of different ranks: B - Brown, D - Long-flame, G - Gas, ZH - Fatty, K - Coke, OS - Caking, T - Skinny, A - Anthracitic. The principal coal volumes include high quality coal with low, medium and high volatiles (A, T, SS, D and DG grades) and semi-soft coking coal (KS,KSN grade).


Quality parameters of our raw coal frequently exceed similar parameters of even dressed products made by our competitors.


We propose to consider product is coking coal concentrate produced by Donbass, Southern Kuzbass and Yakutugol and wide range of high-quality coking coals with low, mid and high volatility.


Yakutugol produces hard coking coal concentrate with low volatility and low sulphur content, which enjoys high demand on export markets. Southern Kuzbass produces semi-hard and semi-soft coking coal concentrates with low sulphur and phosphorus content. Coal is processed in washing plants equipped with advanced technology, which enables to produce concentrate that fits our clients' various quality requirements.


Southern Kuzbass’s washing plants make PCI coals, which are then used in blast furnaces and allows steelmakers to dramatically cut expenditure of coke. Southern Kuzbass also mines, washes and sizes anthracites which are widely used by steel, sugar, lime and soda plants. Southern Kuzbass and Yakutugol also mine low sulphur thermal or oxidized coals with high calorific value.


Metallurgical coke is highly prized by steelmakers.


Leveraging our in-depth physical market expertise and global network of contacts, we can help you to place or source any coal regardless of spec, volume or delivery requirements.


Our capabilities and client-oriented approach allow us to satisfy the most demanding requirements of our clients.




Types of coal:


Types of coal in Russia are distinguished and named depending on coal metamorphosis phase i.e.: brown coals, stone coals (steam/black coals), anthracites and graphites. It is worth to note that in western countries there exists a bit different classification of coals by Types and ranks. The western classification duly distinguishes lignites, sub-bituminous coals (black lignites), bituminous coals and anthracites.


Brown coal


Contain much water (43%) and for that reason have low heat value. Volatile matter content is also high (up to 50%). These coals are formed from consolidated fossil organic remnants under the action of overburden pressure and high temperatures at the depth down to one kilometer.


Stone coal (Steam/Black coal)


Contain up to 12% moisture (3-4% inherent moisture) and therefore these show a higher heat value. Contain up to 32% of volatile matter and for this reason show good ignition capability. This coal is formed from brown coals at depths down to three kilometers.




Are almost entirely composed from carbon (96%). Though anthracites have the highest heat value their ignition value is rather poor. Formed from stone coal under higher pressure and temperature at depths down to six kilometers. Anthracites are mainly used in chemical industry.


Anthracites are not the final stage of organic matter metamorphosis. Being under effects of even more severe conditions - i.e. temperatures of above 500 deg.C, coal turned into shungite and more higher temperatures transformed it into graphite, while the extremely high pressure could result to formation of diamonds, as actually, all that – from plants to diamonds is nothing else but carbon of a different molecular structure.


Company activities are focused on coal partnering and cooperating with vast coal producers and good customers respectively. Our expertise lies in providing a bridge between producers and consumers of coal on a global basis. For this aim we are engaged in related shipping, stocking and financing activities.


The company cooperates with producers of coal in Donbass, Kemerovo, Razrez Kiyzassky, Irkutsk and Rostov regions and delivers coal to the address of: cement, lime, ferroalloy plants, as well as high-quality coal grades T, D and SS for the population.




Classification by size grade:


Keeping the high quality of the product and retaining its reputation of a reliable partner the company strengthens its position in the world coal market




For instance, coal grade TR . According to Russian standard classification  this coal proved  to be  LEAN as for its grade composition and at the same time it is RAW as for its fractional composition (lump size can vary from 0-200…to 300mm) in which connection the size grade limits are not regulated and restricted. According to lump size composition it can be the coal consisting for 90% of range lumps and for 10% of slack coal, and vice versa. If the coal has letter symbols as TPK – it means that T stands for LEAN and PK shows that this is sized coal and per lump size sorted from 50(40)mm up to 200..300mm. The content of small pieces (less than 50mm) should not exceed 15%.


It is admissible that within size grades there exist substitution of subsequent lower and upper limits of lump coarseness i.e. when 100 mm is substituted by 80mm, 50mm by 40mm, 25mm by 20mm, 13mm by 10mm and 6mm by 5(8)mm. This mostly concerns combined grades such as PK, KO, OM, MS subject the ratio between lower and upper limit is not more than 1:4 and grades OMSSH, MSSH and SSH.


The upper limit of 300mm for plate and raw coals apply only to open-pit-mining enterprises. The classification by size grade, lump and small pieces size content and by upper limits of size is to be established by standards of Technical requirements in accordance with needs and ways of consumption.


Almost all grades of coals but coking once (G, coke, ZH, K, OS) can be used for the purposes of municipal and public utility services. The coking coals mentioned above are considered to be too deficient raw material for by-product coke industry and if these ever assigned for the purposes of heat and power supply then such coals are used only in the form of tailings after concentration (intermediate product, cuttings or slime) or when being rejected for coking by any reason.


Coals of different grades have different properties. These differences will be naturally revealed while burning, which is to be known and taken into consideration when selecting fuels and combustion modes. The organic (combustible) mass of coal consists of volatile matter and fixed (coking) carbon residue. Volatile matter compiles up to 60% and more in brown coals and up to few percents in anthracites.


High Volatile Coal (Usage):


The sorted form of D grade  (DPK, DPKO, DOM) is used for municipal and domestic purposes in small boiler houses.

Coal grade D fraction 0-25mm or 0-50mm  is used at cement factories  and electric power stations.

Coal grade D fraction 25-50mm or 25-100mm with Ash 5%-8% and high reactive capability is used at ferroalloy plants.


Med Volatile Coal (Usage):


The sorted form of SS grade  (fractions 50-200mm, 20-70mm or 13-50mm) is used for municipal and domestic purposes in small boiler houses.

Coal grade SSMSSH or SSOMSSH with Ash 12%  is used as PCI (dust form fuel – pulverized injection coal) at metallurgical and steel works.

Coal grade SSMSSH or SSOMSSH  with  Ash max.18%  is used at cement factories  and electric power stations.


Low Volatile Coal (Usage):


Coal grade T is called “smokeless” fuel. The sorted form of T grade  (fractions 13-50mm or  50-300mm) is used for municipal and domestic purposes in small boiler houses equipped with furnaces having fixed railings and fuel hand-feed.

Sized coals grade TPK or TPKO are used for limestone roasting.

Coal grade TMSSH and TOMSSH is used as PCI (pulverized injection coal) for iron and steel works.

Coal T grade is used as anthracite and coke  substitute during production of ferroalloys, sugar and carbon-containing materials -


Coal T grade is supplied to cement factories and electric power stations.


Anthracite (Usage):


Anthracite is used as reducing agent while calcium carbide and synthetic corundum production. Also this coal grade is used in process of clinkering of phosphate rock, iron and aluminum ore.

Sorted coal grade AK, AO and AM with high ash content is used for the purposes of municipal and public utility services and household.

Anthracite small fraction is used as dust form fuel for ores agglomeration.

It is used at production of sorbents. It can be used as well as for drinking water filtration and for waste waters cleaning.

It can be used at production of adsorbents.

It can be used as coke substitute.




Sized coal:


Medium and Low Volatiles Sized coal (house heating coal and technology).


Nowadays one of the components is sized coal.

Sized coal exported by is represented by washed and unwashed SSPK grades (50–200 mm), APK (25-200mm) and AOM (13-50mm).

Medium Volatiles Washed SSPK grade has such advantages as the content of large fractions, high NCV (up to 7900 kcal/kg) and optimal Hardgrove index, low ash and moisture contents, almost absolute absence of Sulphur and toxic elements. Besides, this coal is homogeneous in size without non-coal contamination. All the above mentioned characteristics can qualify the sized coal as the coal of very high quality.

Unwashed SSPK grade can be easily defined by low (abt 1.5 %) content of stones, which is reached due to well-established stones picking system at the production facility.

The share of the sized coal deliveries to the Turkish market amounts to 85%. Households for heating purposes use this coal grade in Turkey. So the Turkish market is a strategic market for the coal supplied.

Low Volatiles coal is supplied mainly to Asian market mainly for greenhouses and for the calcination of limestone.


           Unwashed house heating coal size 50-200 mm


             Washed house heating coal size 50-200 mm




Steam coal:


Steam coal with size up to 50 mm is used not only for burning at power-and-heating (Power Utilities, IPP and boilers) but also at sugar plants, chemicals and in the cement industry. Low level of ash, sulfur, chlorine and phosphorus and at the same time high level of calorific value are unique characteristics of steam coal. Our company permanently increases an assortment of steam coal to meet your requirements.

The volume of steam coal sales makes more than 70% of the total.


           Listvyazhnaya high volatile coal size 0-50 mm


                   High volatile steam coal size 0-50 mm


                   Low volatile steam coal size 0-50 mm


                Medium volatile steam coal size 0-50 mm




Semi-soft coking coal and PCI coal:


Semi-soft coking coal, Medium and Low Volatiles PCI and anthracite (sintering coal).


Coking coal of KS and KSN grades is widely used in coke industry for decreasing content of volatiles matters in coal charge as this coal grade is characterized by low level of sulhur and phosphorus. Its share in coal charge in the coke production makes 5-20%.

The quality of PCI coal is highly appreciated by the world's leading steel companies, many of which have been consumers of this product for more than five years. PCI coal is one of the most high-quality coal grades in the world due to its unique chemical composition. The unique parameters are average level of volatile matters (which allows this coal to be used without mixing with other coal grades) and also low level of ash, phosphorous and sulfur. Nowadays, PCI coal is consumed not only at metallurgical factories, situated in Europe, but also by factories which  are located in Brazil, India and other countries.


                     Semi-soft coking coal size 0-50 mm


                                 PCI coal size 0-50 mm